Ostblockschlampen – Cubic Circle
Ostblockschlampen – Dizko Beat
Ostblockschlampen – 1984
Ostblockschlampen – Cubic Circle (Roby Howler & Sunko Remix)
Ostblockschlampen – Cubic Circle (Aerotronic Remic)
Ostblockschlampen – Cubic Circle (The Rox Remix)

Full EP already supported by: Fake Blood, Mixhell, Umek, Mustard Pimp, Malente, Blatta & Inesha, Gtronic, Elektropusher, Modek, Zodiac Cartel, BMKLATSCH, Jelo, Larry Tee, Nickel, Sharkslayer, Chewy Chocolate Cookies, Jay Robinson, The Bulgarian, Shameboy, Casino Gold, Lars Moston, Vakkum, Distrakt, Ego Troopers….

We are proud and excited to have our first release with the mighty Ostblockschlampen. These bitches from the Eastern Block and former UDSSR are seriously a force to be in awe of… Made up of Markus Lange and Vanilla (together and separately have released on Dim Mak, Simma, Coco Machete, Great Stuff, Dusted Decks and remixed Larry Tee, Autodidakt, Fukkk Offf, Black Ghost and more)

With Cubic Circle, Ostblockschlampen brings the sounds that we used to love back in the day from producers like The Hacker but have made it dark, smokey and nocturnal – The new sound of european techno of 2012.

Roby Howler straight from Russia gives to the track that strong new French Techno flavor even more.. Between this remix and the original the likes and sounds of Gesaffelstein and Brodinski come to thought.

Aereotronic gets more Techno than ever before with their stab, indeed the dance floor is hypnotized with this Berlin-esque all night warehouse sound.

The Rox add to this dark joint their crazy Italian twist, with chopped samples and running bass lines.

On the B side Ostblockschlampen show us 2 other sides of their multi faceted genius! First with their indie hit 1984, a downtempo 80’s influenced electronic ballad, imagine Giorgio Moroder making the soundtrack for the 2012 independent movie Drive! This has been on repeat in our office and can be summed up with the word Eclecticism! Truly a brilliant and beautiful jam!

To close this amazing Ep and journey Ost show us their Electro party side with Dizko Beat…it invokes a very Miami 1988 feel but with an early 2000’s german electro house bass line! a def party track!


Zero Gravity

ZERO GRAVITY are two young bastards from the electro heartand belgium!
With their massive „LINES EP“ they try to reconnect and switch over the gravity of our world!
And you know what? It works!
„Perfect Match“ „Haze“ „Lines“ and „Smags“ are so big pumping electro tracks – which really will took of your legs – for sure!
Then you will understand what „ZERO GRAVITY“ means 😉


Deejay Feedbacks:
Crookers: „bombooclat“
Fake Blood: „Strong EP. Perfect Match and Lines both sounding good. Smags too.“
Sound of Stereo: „awesome realease by our friends! full support“
Malente: „Haze is dope thanks! “
Supabeatz: „Solid EP!! I really like Haze, will play it out! “
Larry Tee: „perfect perfect! “
Chewy Choclate Cookies: „lines sounding great“
Ego Troopers: „Haze is cool“
R.Schneider: „Lines a real fucking dance floor killer!!! “
iPunk: perfect match for me! Plattenpussy rec.quality as usual“
Maxcherry: „Wow! Thats a really nice ep“
Perfect Match (Original)
Haze (Original)
Lines (Original)
Smags (Original)

PPR004 – ZERO GRAVITY – LINES EP by plattenpussyrecords


Ostblockschlampen – Bitches from Ostblock (Part 1)

on Coco Machete
Releasedate: 06.12.2011

Hello folks…
here comes the first bunch from the BITCHES FROM OSTBLOCK EP!“
Tracklist: Original, Radio, Dub, Club and remixes by Frederic de Carvalho and Boylerz!
At the moment its a exclusive BEATPORT Release!
In 2 Weeks its available on ITUNES & as VINYL!

The 2nd Part will be released on 10. January 2012 with remixes by Modek, Phantoms Revenge, Steorefunk, Ill Saint M and Faites leur la danse!


Ostblockschlampen – Bitches from Ostblock (Full EP Teaser) – on Coco Machete by OSTBLOCKSCHLAMPEN


Fakeblood (UK) – I really like the Faites Leur La Dance mix. Reminds me of Felix Da Housecat in his prime! Great party track.

Marseille (Mako, Moscow) – Phantoms Revenge BEST remix on this ep! Positive vibrations! Respekt! Support.

Larry Tee (NYC) – am playing it every set recently! ;p

Spencer Product (NYC) – I love the Stereofunk and the Faites Leur La Dance the most. But these 2 will def go into my club sets !

Alex English (GBH, NYC) – Ostblock definately rocked the floor at the Boys Noize night last friday. kids were asking me all night what that „bitches“ song was.

Shameboy (BE) – Man, Modek just keeps them coming! This new remix he did for Ostblockschlampen is just perfect!!“

Costello (FR) – Modek Remix! I’m gonna play it for sure, bangin’ track

Jay Robinson (UK) – Modek remix is a BEAST! Hope you’re both well!

Aniki (SW) – Sounds great man!

Saint Pauli (DE) – Phantoms revenge for me! zuper awesome remix! thanks a lot

iPunk (Austria) – original modek sterofunk!!!!!- goes straigt into my playlist

John Disco (DE) – Wow, huge Remix-Pack! Modek Remix is my One

DJ Olli (Noise Radio Finland) – the more techno-ish stuff’s gonna work perfectly.

Jakob (DiscoDemons) – modek remix is the one for me, full support! been playing it in italy and austria last weekend, amazing crowd reaction.

Carmine P. Filthy (New Orleans) – The kids are gonna love this!

Official Video Clip


They came from the deepest woods of the former UDSSR!…AND THEY WILL BOMB WHO THEY WANT!!!
Ostblockschlampen, “THE BITCHES FROM THE EASTERN BLOCK” is Markus Lange and his cohort
Vanilla, two electro terrorists that have been rocking the boat and kicking in doors across
the nation. ‚Bitches From Ostblock‘, a two part release, features a who’s who of upstart
producers including Modek, Stereofunk, Faites Leur la Danse, Ill Saint M, Boylerz, Frederic
De Carvalho, & Phantom’s Revenge…bass bass bass…but you say who??? Wir sind die Bitches!

Sie kommen aus den tiefsten Wäldern der ehemaligen UDSSR! Und sie werden zerbomben wen sie wollen!
Die Ostblockschlampen, “THE BITCHES FROM THE EASTERN BLOCK” das sind Vanilla und Markus Lange.
Seit einiger Zeit tourt das Electro Terroristen Gepann durch Europa und sorgte auch schon für
Aufregung in den Amtsstuben der Nation. An diesem Act-Namen scheiden sich die Geister.
‚Bitches From Ostblock‘,ein Doppelrelease features a who’s who of upstart
producers inclusive Modek, Stereofunk, Faites Leur la Danse, Ill Saint M, Boylerz, Frederic
De Carvalho, & Phantom’s Revenge…bass bass bass…but you say who??? Wir sind die Bitches!


Leipzig 05. Dezember. Der akustische Spannungsbogen der Ostblockschlampen zieht sich lautstark von quietschbuntem Krawall-Rave bis hin zu ausuferndem Electro-Wahnsinn. Auf der am 06. Dezember erscheinenden EP ‚Bitches from Ostblock’ zelebrieren Markus Lange & Vanilla eine ganze Lebensphilosophie mitreißenden Partyvergnügens und nicht enden wollender Nächte voller Euphorie. Entsprungen aus den tiefsten Wäldern der alten UDSSR pumpen die Ostblockschlampen mittlerweile in ganz Europa ihre treibenden Beats in die Clubs und begeistern die Szene. Partyrandale erster Güte. Härter. Schneller. Lauter.
Mit ‚Bitches from Ostblock’ zündet das impulsive Duo einen technoiden Initialfunken durchtränkt mit acidlastigen Synthyklängen und bretternden Rave-Beatkollagen. Bereits vor Veröffentlichung sorgen die Ostblockschlampen für Gesprächsstoff und stoßen auf rasanten Zuwachs der Fanbase. Mit einem seltenen Gespür für wahre Tanzgeschosse versorgt das Duo nun eine ganze Generation mit einer neuen Hymne für befreiendes Entarten. 
Klare und eingängige Vocals der beiden Rave-Athleten avancieren den pulstreibenden Track zu einem hungrigen Clubmonster. Unaufhaltsam zieht ‚Bitches from Ostblock’ in den Bann, ergreift und schüttelt den Hörer bis der Cortex glüht. Keine Frage – hier zeigen sich die langjährigen Erfahrungen von Markus Lange & Vanilla als DJs und Produzenten und sorgen für ein einmaliges Sounderlebnis. 
Neben dem Radio-, Club- und Dubedit gastieren insgesamt sieben weitere adrenalingeladene Remixversionen auf der EP. Straight pumpende Arrangements treffen hier auf Ed Banger Style angehauchte DumDum Party-Projektile und sorgen für ein facettenreiches Release. Produzenten und DJs wie Modek, Boylerz, Frederic de Carvalho, Phantoms Revenge und Stereofunk schweißen eingängige Interpretationen von ‚Bitches from Ostblock’ auf die EP und stehen dem Original in fast nichts nach. Die Szene schreit bereits danach. Fakeblood: „I really like the Faites Leur La Dance mix. Reminds me of Felix Da Housecat in his prime! Great party track.“ & Shameboy: „Man, Modek just keeps them coming! This new remix he did for Ostblockschlampen is just perfect!!“
Bitches from Ostblock – die Antwort auf die Frage nach Party, Beats und Bass!