OSTBLOCKSCHLAMPEN „SIGNS EP / ALBUM PT.1“ (official Sputnik Spring Break Hymn 2013)

Hey guys our new EP is out now!

you can buy it on ITUNES


and the track „HEY“ you get for FREE for your big support!!!!!! <3 "Signs" is the offical hymn of one of the biggest festivals in germany called Sputnik Sptring Break and also one part of the new 4 Track EP by OStblockschlampen which contains the songs "Hey", "Slenderman", "Magma" and also the main track "Signs"! Last year Steve Aoki released the offical SSB song on DIM MAK. This year the Ostblockschlampen had the honor to produce and release the hymn for that outstanding electronic festival on the french label "Police Records" at May 15th. It get already early support by Drop The Lime, Cyberpunkers, Make The Girl Dance, Gtronic, Oddword, The Bulgarian, The Party Harders, Belzebass, Aerotronic, Boylerz! The Signs EP is the start and the first part of the OSTBLOCKSCHLAMPEN - ALBUM series which will go till the end of 2013 with alot of surprises, fun and bitch ass "Ostblockschlampen" beats! Ostblockschlampen - "Signs EP" out on 14.05.2013!!! 1) OSTBLOCKSCHLAMPEN - HEY (0:00 - 2:58) 2) OSTBLOCKSCHLAMPEN - SLENDERMAN (2:58 - 4:57) 3) OSTBLOCKSCHLAMPEN - MAGMA (4:57 - 6:47) 4) OSTBLOCKSCHLAMPEN - SIGNS (6:47 - 11:11)