Ostblockschlampen – Rude Nudes (DDR 004)
Propaganda!!! Propaganda!!!


They come from the eastbloc – rolling with the moskwitsch and ready to bomb everyone which crossing theirs way!
„Rude Nudes“ is the first mini-album from the „Ostblockschlampen“! Its less a clubtune than more a exaggerated but high-minded description of their skills which they earned in siberia – rubel by rubel – since the beginning of the cold war! For the dancefloor made the bitch-brother in mind „Edu K“ a cool funky remix! The soviet veterans „Choreo“, „Stereofunk“ and „iPunk“ make the remix package complete! It only remains for me to add that: „Warning! It can happen everywhere! The nuclear power of the OSTBLOCKSCHLAMPEN! Cause… THEY WILL BOMB WHO THEY WANT“

Propaganda End!!!

Rude Nudes (Original Mix)
Riding the metal poney
Rude Nudes (Choreo Remix)
Rude Nudes (Edu K Remix)
Rude Nudes (Stereofunk Remix)
Rude Nudes (iPunk Remix)


Deejay Feedbacks:
Shameboy „My favorite is the original of Rude Nudes! Will play it tonight for sure! “
Jay Robinson „Original for me!“!“
Aniki “its abit crazy! I liked the originals most man! U got that nice sound “
Sharkslayer „lovin rude nudes, weird and fun tune that will def be on our playlist!“
Luvstuff “jackin lovelyness, big in my box…nice one 😉 “
Larry Tee „that Edu K one is major rude!“
Udachi “oh yeah, that’s catchy as fuck! loving rude nudes!”
Act Yo Age „Thanks for this – Edu K mix will make our sets for sure!“
Bryan Cox (Crux) “Full Support! Great EP!”
Autodidakt „I’d like to order the Choreo Remix please! And I think I’ll have the red wine and some chocolate for dessert :D“
Maxcherry „I realy like the Edu K Remix. Full support!“

FREE DOWNLOAD – Rude Nudes (iPunk Remix)