„OSTBLOCKSCHLAMPEN“ The faces you’ll make when you hear this EP will match those of most people that try to pronounce their name. This is big stuff, and OMGITM are very proud to be cutting the chains on this monster of an EP.

The premiere track on this three parter is SWAG, a straight up electro house number that draws you in with a big room build up before churning you through the meat grinder with the drop. This is bass music of the juiciest kind.

The meat in our EP sandwich is BIG SPLASH, a rocking track that has the distortion amps turned up all the way to 11. When the robot uprising finally happens, this will be their anthem.

The final track is the titular one, DOG SAFARI. With a relentless bassline and a talkative hook, this track will keep the club at a hot summer. And when that clap comes in, expect some ostblockschlampen faces in the crowd.



Dog Safari
Big Splash

Label: Oh My God Its Techno Music

Releasedate: 14.09.2012

First Feedbacks:
Astronomar: „my fav is Dog Safari“
Gtronic: „Thanks my Niggas, nice track!“
Stereoheroes: „Great 3 Tracks! My fav is Dog Safari“
Breakdown: „Raaaad“
Chewy Choclate Cookies: „I like dogs!!!“
Costello: „I like Dog Safari!!!“
Raving George: „Nice“
DJ Mania: „Swag is craaaaaaaaazy. Gonna play it for sure“
Sharkslayer „Dog Safari is Dope!“
roeVy: „i think we like dog safari best support <3!
Autodidakt: „Big Splash is smashing it“
Saur: „thats some crazy electro shit“
DNA „swag and dog safari are cool“
Boylerz: „Just awesome“
iPunk: „Dog Safari for me“
Zero Gravity: „Dog Safari… GEIL“