Ostblockschlampen – Cubic Circle
Ostblockschlampen – Dizko Beat
Ostblockschlampen – 1984
Ostblockschlampen – Cubic Circle (Roby Howler & Sunko Remix)
Ostblockschlampen – Cubic Circle (Aerotronic Remic)
Ostblockschlampen – Cubic Circle (The Rox Remix)

Full EP already supported by: Fake Blood, Mixhell, Umek, Mustard Pimp, Malente, Blatta & Inesha, Gtronic, Elektropusher, Modek, Zodiac Cartel, BMKLATSCH, Jelo, Larry Tee, Nickel, Sharkslayer, Chewy Chocolate Cookies, Jay Robinson, The Bulgarian, Shameboy, Casino Gold, Lars Moston, Vakkum, Distrakt, Ego Troopers….

We are proud and excited to have our first release with the mighty Ostblockschlampen. These bitches from the Eastern Block and former UDSSR are seriously a force to be in awe of… Made up of Markus Lange and Vanilla (together and separately have released on Dim Mak, Simma, Coco Machete, Great Stuff, Dusted Decks and remixed Larry Tee, Autodidakt, Fukkk Offf, Black Ghost and more)

With Cubic Circle, Ostblockschlampen brings the sounds that we used to love back in the day from producers like The Hacker but have made it dark, smokey and nocturnal – The new sound of european techno of 2012.

Roby Howler straight from Russia gives to the track that strong new French Techno flavor even more.. Between this remix and the original the likes and sounds of Gesaffelstein and Brodinski come to thought.

Aereotronic gets more Techno than ever before with their stab, indeed the dance floor is hypnotized with this Berlin-esque all night warehouse sound.

The Rox add to this dark joint their crazy Italian twist, with chopped samples and running bass lines.

On the B side Ostblockschlampen show us 2 other sides of their multi faceted genius! First with their indie hit 1984, a downtempo 80’s influenced electronic ballad, imagine Giorgio Moroder making the soundtrack for the 2012 independent movie Drive! This has been on repeat in our office and can be summed up with the word Eclecticism! Truly a brilliant and beautiful jam!

To close this amazing Ep and journey Ost show us their Electro party side with Dizko Beat…it invokes a very Miami 1988 feel but with an early 2000’s german electro house bass line! a def party track!

(incl. Remixes by Aniki, Maxcherry, Rotze)

PPR 001 Vanilla “Shuffler”

Here we go!
Here comes the first release of „Vanilla“ and suprise suprise on her own label „Plattenpussy Records“! Founded with her
„Ostblockblockschlampe“ Markus Lange – they decided to make their own imprint to release and present their own kind of
electonic music supportet by their bitch buddys around the globe! The first Shot is called „Shuffler“ and comes with a big remix support by „Aniki“,
„Maxcherry“ and „Rotze“! They all put their own style on the original track and so they made this really amazing package!
The Bonus track „Wet Wet“ will blow off and liquify your head and comes in two different
So lets shuffle your feet with the dirty smell and taste of the cheeky thug „Vanilla“!!!


Shuffler (Original)
Shuffler (Aniki Remix)
Shuffler (Maxcherry Remix)
Shuffler (Rotze Remix)
Wet Wet
Wet Wet (Vanilla Bass Edition)

PPR 001 – Vanilla – Shuffler by plattenpussyrecords

Deejay Feedbacks:
Sound of Stereo „dope release! really like te originals! will play these at i love techno“
Shameboy „meine Favoriten sind auf jedem Fall das original und der Maxcherry rmx!!
Nice and dirty Dutch ;))“
Funkin Matt „Cool release!“
Tom Deluxx “thx for the promo, the tracks are good”
Malente “der Bass Mix gefällt mir am besten”
Jay Robinson “maxcherry is great”
Gooseflesh “our fav. Is Aniki”
Jack Codec (Codec & Flexer) “Mir geht der Rotze-Mix spontan am Besten rein. Kann mir
gut vorstellen, dass das knallt.”
iPunk “these ep is great – „wet“ goes straigt in my bag“
autodidakt “Rotze und Maxcherry Mixes find ich töfte!!“
Kick-Oh „Vanilla is KICKin‘ my ass with this nu releas on PPR,
love the original and Max Cherry remix.
Will play fo sure !!! Fireee “

The guys from Sound Of Stereo keep one’s word and play a track on I Love Techno 2010! Watch the video they drop it around 3:25!

Artist links:

mail: carsten@cometomusic.net
web: www.cometomusic.net

Label Contact:
Plattenpussy Records

Labels notes:
Propaganda!!! Propaganda!!!
They come from the eastbloc – rolling with the moskwitsch and ready to bomb everyone which crossing theirs way! The Rude Nudes shows with their sound the exaggerated but high-minded description of
their skills which they earned in siberia – rubel by rubel – since the beginning of the cold war! Allready worked with the bitch-brother in mind
„Edu K“ – the soviet veterans „Choreo“, „Stereofunk“, „Peace Treaty“, „Noize Generation“, „Sick Boy“ and „iPunk“! And ready to start their own imprint Plattenpussy Records! It only remains for me to add that: „Warning! It can happen everywhere! The nuclear power of the OSTBLOCKSCHLAMPEN! Cause… THEY WILL BOMB WHO THEY WANT“